If Carlsberg did gadget websites… Firebox.com, probably the best gadget site in the world. There are tonnes of gadgets sites on the net, selling millions of gadgets from high end luxury to cheap and cheerful – but Firebox.com only has about a thousand products that’s what is different and that’s why we love it so much. They only play with the best! Sorry that should be they only buy the best…

What makes Firebox.com so different? Well the founders came up with a great gift idea of their own, remember the shot glass chess set? Michael Smith and Tom Boardman now run Firebox.com, and they have passed on their passion and enthusiasm for gadgets, toys, games and other cool stuff, to the rest of the firebox crew and it really shows in a fun and lively website.

Firebox scours the world, looking for the must haves and they really have fun doing it, as you can tell by the product demonstration videos they do -well the call them demos, basically it’s just the Firebox team messing about with the gadgets! All of the gadgets and gift either have a video, customer images or customer feed back, this might have something to do with the £50 they give away for the best reviews, videos or comments – but they can be really useful to get more information about the gift or gadget you are think of buying.

The guys and girls at Firebox.com are so dedicated to finding the best gadgets and gifts available, even when they get chance sit down and watch the TV without being inspired, bringing you some BBC Dragons Den products, like the utterly amazing Isis puzzle and the Trunki kids travel case and the or the Miracle berries seen or Graham Norton and Dave’s Burning Nuts from The Charlotte Church Show.

So if you have seen it on TV and you can’t find it in the shops try Firebox.com. They are normally the first to get all the new gifts gadgets and toys, many of then exclusively.

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